Now that you have invested a good amount of money in buying your favourite carpet, you will now be equally interested in taking care of the woven floor covering. It’s true that when you take care of a carpet, it lasts longer. Ask the nearest carpets supplier in Bromley and he will say the same about carpet care. However, it is recommended that you don’t go overboard with cleaning the tapestry. Rigorous cleaning can only worsen its texture and cause it to wear out faster than usual. This soft textile layer demands attention and care in order to stay at its best in forthcoming years. 

Why Cleaning Carpets is Essential 

Time to time cleaning of a carpet can add life to the floor covering. Cleaning helps keep the tapestry in good shape and condition. Since these woven works are intricately designed and formed, they demand care and cleaning. Carpets are known to attract maximum dirt, allergens and microbes into the house. Only proper cleaning can help eliminate such dirt and microbes. Deep cleaning is most recommended to help restore the texture, quality and colour of a carpet. Vacuuming or steam cleaning at regular intervals can prove beneficial in extending the life of a carpet. Dirt, spills and microbes can be eliminated with intense cleaning. Most carpets are delicate and therefore they will demand gentle handling. Remember! If the carpet is unclean your home will appear equally dirty. 

Useful Tips for Extending Carpet Life 

It’s obvious that after buying a luxurious carpet, you will want to know if there are ways to restore the condition of your new purchase. Here are some tips to come to your rescue: 

  1. Place a doormat at the entrance to avoid letting dirt inside. Doormats can easily trap all the grime and moisture that come from outside. 
  2. Regular vacuuming can bring out any loose fibre from underneath and help get them removed 
  3. Never pull out any extra fibre peeking out from the tufted surface. Get it trimmed instead. 
  4. If you want to maintain the tufts and allow them to stay upright, vacuum the carpet 
  5. Open the doors and windows to get rid of any bad odour 

The Disturbing Wine Stain 

Wine stains don’t easily go away. They can settle very fast. Soon after the spill occurs, bring in a white cloth and blot the stain. Soak up as much liquid as you can. Now pour some cold water on the stain. This helps dilute the wine stain. You should now continue to blot the spill without rubbing any part of the carpet. Take some water and mix baking soda in it, apply the mixture on the stain. After the paste dries up, clean it using a vacuum.


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